The Wedding Night Dilemma

Marilyn knew she wanted a divorce the same day she got married. The church wedding was beautiful, as was the reception at the country club. The courtship had been exciting and romantic, yet she knew in her gut that something was wrong. This did not subdue her excitement about becoming Mrs. Roger Tillman, Jr.

During a brief break up between she and Roger because she wouldn’t have sex with him, she had a one night fling with a guy at the singles club where she and her girlfriends hung out. Other than that one incident and the feeling in her gut, there was nothing to prepare her for what happened on her wedding night.

The one night encounter had meant very little to her, mainly because it was to get back at Roger, and it being her first time, she experienced some pain. Roger had returned back to her life shortly after the one night stand, and convinced her that marriage was their only solution.

A quick wedding was planned and the invitations were sent out.

Roger took care of all the honeymoon details. They would fly to Los Angles, with a one night layover and leave the next day for Hawaii. This one night layover, proved to be Marilyn’s savior.

Roger was his usual sweet self at the wedding and reception. Even at the airport he was attentive and warm. It was much later that evening after the long flight across country that Marilyn saw a side of her new husband which she never knew existed.

The wedding night started off like most newly weds. Both were tired from the long day, both were anxious to experience each other. Roger went to the bathroom to change into something comfortable, first. When he came out of the dressing room area, he was wearing a leather jump suit with holes in it. He had a whip, hand cuffs, and chains hanging down from his waist area.

He then begin trying to explain to Marilyn, that this was what married couples do!

Marilyn was ready to call her Momma.

She remained quite long enough to realize that Roger thought her to be a virgin and he had ever intension of sexually enslaving his new wife. When Marilyn tried to object, without letting him know, that she wasn’t exactly a virgin, Roger became angry.

Marilyn than decided to go alone with the program and escape from the room as soon as she could.

After going into the restroom and putting her street clothes back on, she put her robe on top, and brushed her hair. She had been given cash at the wedding reception, and stuffed the cash into her bra, as she thought about how to get out of the room.

Slowly Marilyn opened the door, to see the man she had married in a leather get-up with chains hanging from his waist. Walking to him, slowly, Marilyn looking him straight in the eyes, and asked him to get some ice, so she could have a drink to help her perform better.

Roger’s eyes got big and he said, “Baby, I don’t have my cloths on, why don’t you get the ice, and I’ll get the drinks out of the mini-bar.”

As Marilyn walked slowly to the door, she turned and said, “I’ll be right back.” Once out of the room, she ran to the elevator and headed to the lobby. Once in the lobby, she ask the bellman to get her a cab. By the time the cab pulled up, she could hear Roger calling her name, as the cab pulled away from the curb.


“Yes, madam.” replied the cab driver as he speed up, as if he was in a car chase.

Once at the airport Marilyn contacted her mother, who immediately called the airlines and paid for the plane ticket back home. She told Marilyn to stay in the VIP Lounge in case Roger followed her to the airport.

Marilyn did as her mother instructed. And as she sat at the bar, trying to act like a grown up, instead of a frighten child of 22 years, questions begin to formulate within her mind. Why hadn’t she known this about Roger? Why hadn’t she insisted on sleeping with him before marring him? She silently became angry at the church. She had followed the teachings of her church as far as Roger was concerned, yet she felt betrayed. Roger’s family were members of the same church.

Marilyn’s plane trip back to the East coast was a long trip home. She cried softly in her seat as she tried to convince the airline attendant, that she was ok.

Marilyn’s mother picked her up at the airport and convinced her not to explain “all” the details of the previous night to her father. Marilyn’s mother said over and over again, that there were several reasons for this decision. First, she didn’t want to explain to the church members what had actually happened. And secondly, neither Marilyn nor her mother wanted to see Marilyn’s father in prison for assault. Marilyn knew if her father knew the truth, he would seriously hurt Roger. She also realized this would cause a family feud between the two families and possibly within the church.

But regardless of what Marilyn told her father, her heart knew the truth, and she openly wondered, if she would ever have the courage to love again.

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